7 Effective Tips To Pick the Best Cigar Humidors

by | Last updated Apr 2, 2021

As all cigar epicureans know, humidors are an absolute necessity with regards to string Cuban Cigars. The best humidors for cigars permit your cigars to stay new while additionally supporting the regular maturing cycle of the tobacco. You don’t want to destroy or harm your costly cigars. It surely is a bad dream among all cigar lovers to find that their cigars are either evaporated, over-humidified, or rotten. Thus, to dodge this issue, you should search for a cigar humidor that meets every one of the necessities to keep your tobacco fit as a fiddle. They don’t need to be costly to function admirably.

Humidors are an incredible method to keep your cigars new, fresh, and approximately humidified for a long time. They utilize specific methodologies to help control the temperature and dampness inside the unit to protect the tobacco freshens and taste. So, how might you approach ensuring that you pick the correct humidor?

What Are Some Effective Tips to Choose the Best Cigar Humidors?

Cigars are very similar to fine wine and need to age prior to accomplishing their ideal flavors. Some may require 12 or two years to taste their best, while master cigar smokers guarantee that as long as five years is required for specific brands. Find out amazing tips about choosing the best humidors for cigars and keep your cigars fresh,safe and store your cigars the right way using high quality brands. Here are the things to remember while picking the best humidors that works for you.

1.Size Matters

The right size is a necessity to keep your cigars fresh, humidified, and safe inside the unit. Sometimes, if you choose a smaller-sized humidor, the cigars can get messier and crushed inside the storage box. So, professionals recommend getting a slightly bigger size than your cigars to offer ample space.

Other than the right size, these humidors also come in different shapes and forms. So, it is essential that you choose a shape that best suits your unique requirements. There are various sizes and shapes, and the most famous ones are:

  • Walk-in Humidors
  • Cabinet Humidors
  • Tabletop Humidors

The walk-in option is ideal box for collectors who want to store hundreds of cigars simultaneously. There is a reason behind this name, and this option offers plenty of move-around space while storing your favorite brand. It is also ideal for storing cigars for a long period of type without sacrificing their integrity and flavor.

The cabinet and tabletop options are ideal if you only want to store and protect a dozen cigars. However, these options can still offer ample space for up to 50 different cigars. Moreover, these options offer amazing designs, patterns, and aesthetic value that goes with your interior design. So, you can place these options on your table and enjoy fresh taste every time.

If you pick the wrong size, it can have a negative impact on the overall integrity and taste of your cigars. If you go with a size that is too small for your specific requirements, you will have to jam different items together into a small space. It can not only crumble the exterior of your favorite cigars, but it can also have a negative impact on the overall flavor and taste.

Similarly, if you decide to go for a box that is too big for your requirements, it will start retaining extra humidity that will be transferred to your cigars in the long run. It will not keep them in optimal condition and end up hurting their flavor. This is why you need to purchase a humidor that is slightly larger than your requirements.

2.The Seal Matters

A well-built humidor will be outfitted with a tight seal. You need to double-check the seal when purchasing the right option for yourself. One of the strategies for checking the seal is to close its cover, take a new and fresh bill or a paper piece and slide it in the space present between the base of the humidor and the top. If the piece of paper doesn’t pass through this opening, it means that the seal is intact and genuine. On the contrary, if the piece of paper passes through this opening, you need to look for another option.

Another option to test the seal is to drop the cover. You need to raise the cover of the humidor to around three inches from the base and drop it. Do not worry, as this will not break the box itself. It will merely test the seal. If you hear a fresh stable of air getting away, which resembles the “whoosh” sound, it indicates that the seal is indeed genuine. In case of complete silence, you need to look for another option.
Maybe, the main factor out of the remainder of the rundown is the seal. There is no reason for possessing a humidor if the seal isn’t working. The reason behind this is that the air will leak inside and will influence the integrity of your cigars.

3.Think About the Portability Factor

Will you be moving around a lot and taking your favorite cigars with you? If you like to travel the world, you need to think about the portability factor as well and invest in options that offer maximum portability at your fingertips.

There are humidors options made specifically for travelers. These are lightweight, easy to carry, and compact in terms of dimensions. So, you can easily pack this with luggage and take it around with you without damaging the integrity of the cigars. However, these units can only contain a dozen or so items and no more than that.

One of the best things about these options is that they are also quite inexpensive and budget-friendly compared to other traditional models on the market. Therefore, you will not have to worry about spending an entire fortune on these options to protect your costly investments in the long run and on the go. If you consider yourself an enthusiastic cigar lover, you need to purchase one of the portable models so that you always have the right option to take your favorite cigars with you.

4.Consider the Wood Type and Material

The best humidors for cigars are those made from Spanish Cedar since it is the best wood for moisture retention. It can also be made from various wood styles, such as pine, maple, walnut, and cherry. The kind of wood that you chose will have a significant impact on the humidor’s capacity to retain the temperature and relative humidity. You will find mahogany content if you are short on cash and need a very cheaper option. However, it will not, as Spanish cedar does, provide protection against tobacco pests and beets.

You should pay attention to the wood type and material used in the construction of your preferred model as it will heavily influence the internal humidity and temperature levels. Similarly, the wood type and material will also have a huge impact on moisture retention and wicking capabilities offered by the model.

You want the best insulation and moisture retention capabilities by your side when you desire to take care of your cigars in the right way. You can research different materials and wood types on the internet and decide the right one for your specific climate and region. In general, Spanish Cedar, Mahogany, and Cherry offer the right capabilities at your fingertips. These wood types can easily protect your tobacco from any worms or insects while preserving an optimal level of moisture inside the box.

However, you need to ensure that your chosen model is a combination of different woods for the exterior and interior construction. You want the exterior of your chosen model to be powerful and durable enough to withstand frequent usage. On the other hand, you want the interior to be powerful enough to go against any humidity fluctuations in the long run. A combination of hard and softwood offers the best results.

5.Stay Away from Cheap Options

You can learn how to detect a cheap humidor if you want the finest cigar case for yourself. The thing is that the cheaper models are around, and while you can see them mainly available on the online market, they are still found in physical shops.
If you find a cheap humidor and buy it, you’ll see it’ll last for just a couple of months. The best cigar options are made diligently and are designed to last ages. In hopes to identify a fake cigar humidor, you must take care of specific points:

  • Beware of the price. If the box looks too good to be true for price, it usually consists of inexpensive and untrustworthy materials.
  • The Spanish cedar with a mixture of other materials makes up a large chunk of modern humidors. This ensures that these cannot be sold at a cheap cost.
  • When you order from an online retailer like eBay, search the seller’s ratings often to see if other customers from this seller have ordered the same item and are satisfied.
  • Perform the substance screening test to see whether it is correctly sealed. Ask the vendor about the seal if you buy it from an online store.
  • Finally, don’t sacrifice the quality for a lower price. Go for a good quality humidor, even if you have to spend a couple of extra greens. It will offer you satisfaction and keep your items safe and fresh for a long time.

6.Take A Look at The Accessories

When choosing the best humidor for cigars, you will generally get two options: one with accessories and one without any add-ons. These accessories often include a thermometer and a hygrometer to monitor the internal temperature and humidity levels continuously. You should go for the one that offers these accessories, as it can become increasingly difficult for you to monitor the internal temperature and humidity to protect your costly items.

If you do not keep an accurate check of your temperature levels inside the box, it can easily ruin your cigars. Therefore, it is often necessary to keep a close eye on the internal humidity and temperature levels using the embedded accessories with your box. If you see any fluctuation in the internal temperature levels, you can move the box or adjust the AC settings in your room. You should know that humidors with accessories are often more expensive than traditional options.

7.Take A Look at the Internal Linings

The exterior of a box can be custom developed for aesthetic purposes. You can choose any shape or color that goes along with your requirements or interior design. However, when the time comes to choose the interior design of your favorite model, you need to think about the internal lining that will have a huge impact on the freshness of your cigars.

The majority of modern options on the market are lined with Spanish Cedar material. This is a fragrant wood material that offers an amazing insulation capability that is unparalleled in the market. In addition to marvelous insulation capabilities, this material is known to offer top-notch moisture retention benefits.

This can turn out well for your specific requirements. Spanish Cedar can easily withstand the change in moisture levels and maintain its original shape without any problem. Therefore, you will always have ample space without getting worried about any expansion or contraction of the box.

What Do We Have to Say?

When it comes to purchasing the best cigar humidor for your requirements, you cannot take it lightly and choose the first option that you see on the market. You have to play the field, find the right material, size and dimensions to ensure the best possible outcomes for your cigars. Otherwise, you will end up ruining your costly investment to save a few bucks on the box. So, research well and stick to the tip mentioned above to find the right option for your unique needs.

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