Growzilla 6.0 Hydroponics Grow Box Review: Is It Worth?

by | Last updated Sep 24, 2022

If you love growing cannabis or organic herbals in your garden, a hydroponic system is your best bet to enhance your gardening hobbies. A hydroponic system helps grow plants in unpredictable conditions because some regions do not offer year-round soil-based growing capabilities.

Growzilla 6.0 Hydroponics Grow Box Review: Is It Worth?

Let’s review Growzilla 6.0 LED hydroponics grow box by Dealzer and prove why this cannabis growing cabinet is worth it for beginners, not professional growers.

The Basic Facilities

These levels come with a water level indicator that helps identify the water amount for growing plants without problems. In addition to this, the water level indicator shows the right time to drain water, and we advise using freshwater for maximum growth potential.

The kit is designed for growing plants without any issues. The entire kit is made and assembled in the USA, so users get the best materials at their disposal. You can grow different plants simultaneously because the kit offers a two-gallon reservoir with four plant lids, and the net pots can handle up to five gallons of water.

You can enjoy a lifetime USA warranty for this grow box, which is FDA-approved and made of safe materials that do not pose any threat to the health of plants. Users can easily recycle the kit after growing plants or repurpose the equipment. This system will get an air pump, air stone, and air tubing. In addition to this, you also get growing medium and starting plugs.

Growzilla 6.0 grow cabinet

The Amazing Design, Drainage, and Pipe Fitting System

This brilliant system ensures minimum water leakage, so it helps with maximum nutrient preservation and oxygenates the water for guaranteed and healthy growth for your plants. The box comes with two-inch net pots, and also you can get an air pump, air tubing, and clay pebbles. So, you will not have to buy anything else.

Drain fittings achieve an optimal water level and necessary nutrients for the plants. Users can use Growzilla grow box to grow any plants, not only marijuana, indoors with no smell leakage, so it will be a comfortable experience if you own a tiny house. Moreover, you will not need any additional accessories.

This hydroponic system comes with a cycle timer, a reservoir tank, and a submersible pump. The irrigation supply pipe gets the necessary nutrients for the plants, and it distributes the fertilizers to your plants. Similarly, the drainage line recycles the water into the reservoir. Therefore, users can enjoy an ideal recycling mechanism.

The Modern Eco-Friendliness

These buckets utilize food-grade plastic with a water capacity of up to five gallons. This kit uses a 90Mils high-density polyethylene plastic material which is environmentally-friendly gardening and safe for food and drink storage. Therefore, you can stop worrying about any negative impacts on your plant’s health.

These are heavy-duty buckets that allow maximum control over the growing process. Also, users can say goodbye to worrying about this kit breaking apart, and the heavy-duty accessories can take any load or pressure without problems.

The Ease of Use and Installation

All hydroponic systems offer a permanent or semi-permanent installation, so you have to be careful in deciding the dimensions because It will become a part of your living space. If you are buying a larger growing box, make sure there is enough space.

Growzilla 6,0 grow box is 135 pounds in terms of weight. You will have to think about the placement and location of the system before you install it. However, the entire installation process will take less than 10 minutes at most and requires 10 minutes of maintenance every week to run smoothly. This easy-to-use system comes ready for use and does not require any extensive assembly.

The Scalability

What if you want to expand your system? How would you add new grow buckets to your existing setup? Therefore, you need to get a system that allows for maximum expansion. It would help if you looked at the expansion options. Can you expand it without issues? How much will it cost for expansion? Are additional supplies available in the market? How much effort will it take for expansion?

The Growzilla 6,0 grow box is suitable for beginners and hobbyists to learn and practice their growing skills. If you are a professional, stay away and invest in a bigger grow box or build your own grow room at home. Also, I wanna inform you that Dealzer lunch is a new bigger option Titan hydroponics grow box designed to grow 12 to 15 pounds of dry plants and requires only 10 minutes for operation per week.

The Modern Automation Processes

Growzilla 6.0 grow box system guarantees that users can sit back and relax. Automation will help plants with the ideal amount of water, oxygen, and nutrients. The system will offer everything at the right time. You will have to invest minimum efforts to yield maximum results. You should look at the automation processes of Growzilla as a blessing because you can get the best value for your money. Growzilla 6.0 is one of the best-automated stealth grow boxes available for cannabis growing because it offers smart automation and privacy in design & shipping.

Growzilla 6.0

The Additional Bells and Whistles

This hydroponic grow box system offers LED lighting systems. So, users do not have to get their hands dirty. They can control everything with touch buttons and see the current values with the help of LED lights. Users can use LED displays to view the status of water, nutrients concentration, and oxygen levels.

You can use touch buttons to control the system and take your gardening experience to new levels. The Growzilla 6.0 grow box system will take care of everything, and you will only have to give the proper commands. This system also offers timers so your plants will not suffer even if you forget something.

What Is the Bottom Line Here?

The Growzilla 6.0 LED grow cabinet offers plenty of unique features at your fingertips. You can enjoy pre-installed and staggered 120mm fans with carbon filter odor protection, lockable latches, feeding charts, automation process, light timer, air pumps, and more for your plants. If you are a beginner, you can genuinely revolutionize the gardening experience without getting out of your comfort zone. If you are professional and have enough space, I don’t recommend this grow box, and better to build your own big grow room 5*5 with a complete growing kit at the same price. ( BTW, Dealzer has amazing prices and an excellent support team to help you do it the right way).

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