Privacy Policy

At Blast Tags, we would like you to know that we consider privacy very solemnly. Please take a look at the following Privacy Policy to get an idea about the data we gather and how we use it.

What Data Do We Gather?

Whenever you put a query on our weblog, you will have to enter your email address. That is only needed if we want to send you a notification about your question. If you give your name and your email in the opt-in form dialog box, you will get a verification email from us. If you select, you will list our marketing list to tell you with the latest and current updates. We never publish your contact details to any firm or any arbiter.


The material on this site cannot be generated or duplicated in any method, under any condition. However, this includes comments, videos, or any other material on the site. If any firm or arbiter utilizes the site’s material without the user’s written agreement, lawful action is imposed against them.


We use cookies storage memory to gather data and selections of the user, like the date and time of your use, the keywords you used, and the time you spent on each page.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text documents with a distinctive identifier that processes onto the user’s computer. When you open any site, the site asks for the user will to process the cookies. Should you select to accept. The cookies will download into a non-permanent internet folder posted on your hard drive? Most browsers are, by default, created to approve cookies. However, if you do not want to download cookies on your computer, you can choose not to by amending the configuration on your browser. If your browser automatically declines the cookies, the site may not work as efficiently as you would desire.

How Do We Utilize the Data Gathered from Cookies?

The data that we gather from cookies is used for different purposes. For example, cookies will let us save your login details so that you don’t require to log back in repeatedly every time you come to the site. Similarly, cookies help us to assume the number of users on our site and the interest that they are showing on our website. Thus, this provides us to collect review so that we can alter our material as per our users’ requirements. We cannot bundle any confidential data through cookies, and any confidential data is never deliberately saved on our web servers.

Forwarding or Publishing Data

As specified before, we never publish, lease, forward, or lend your confidential facts to any other person. Your data are completely secure with us. The data is only forward to firms to the range essential to do financial settlements for the facilities as needed by the customer (you).

How Can You Approach and Rectify Your Data?

You can always ask the approach to your confidential data that gathered via our site and retained in our database by making us an email at our given email ID.

Lawful Obligation to Publish Details – What About It?

We may publish your details when we are lawfully urged to do so. If we, in good trust, believe that the rule requires us to give your data. Similarly, we may publish a user’s account data when we have a valid reason to think that disposing of the details needs to specify contact details. Moreover, we can bring lawful action against someone who breaches our Provisions of Service consent or is a risk to our clients or the general public.

What about Other Interlinked Websites?

We are not liable for the activities performed by other sites that connect to our website. In many cases, connections to other sites are indications of data that are helpful for our customers. Please consider that our Privacy Policy is no longer in action when you go to another site through our website. All your working, activities, and connections are now provided to the strategies and regulations retained by the other platform. Please go through the rules before you go further.


By working on our site, you agree to use our open data bundle, as discussed in this plan.

Data Safety

We take information safety steps very solemnly. Please make sure that all the data that submit to us save on computers within the United States of America. To know about the illegal usage of data or its raid, we have put in place strict steps and electrical, managerial, and physical methods. We take the security of your confidential data very solemnly.

Opt-in/Opt Out

This website provides users with the decision-making of opting in or out of our mailing lists. If you unsubscribe, we will stop sending specific messages or emails to you.

Point for Children

One should understand that children are not applicable to utilize the facilities that we assist. We ask all young ones under the age of 16 to not provide any confidential data to us. If you are using the facility at a young, we tell you to do it under your parent or your guardian’s governance.

Addition or Amendments in Ownership

If the site achieved or vended to another firm, your confidential information would identify as a part of the benefits transferred.

Policy diversification

This plan is diverse from time to time. If any amendments occur, we will send an email about the changes made to our privacy policy to customers who have given us the data. We will make any amendments here, so ensure that you look over from time to time. We will never utilize the data that you submit to us in a way that might be considered abnormal to a great extent, with the data given within this plan.