7 Best Screen Houses for Camping On A Budget

by | Last updated May 25, 2022

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you cannot deny the unwelcome and annoying mosquitoes and other insects around the camping area. You are just enjoying the beautiful view, and some pesky mosquito starts buzzing around your ear. Bugs have always been the most uninvited guests for outdoor enthusiasts. However, you can quickly solve this problem by picking a high-quality screen house.

There are hundreds of screen houses in the market that will allow you access to all the beautiful scenery around your camping area without any annoying insects. In addition to protection, these screen houses also offer ample space for cool breezes without any of the harmful dirt making its way into your tent. Today, we will explore the best screen houses in the market and see what they bring to the table.

Best Screen Houses for Camping On A Budget

We’ve gathered a list of the best screen houses in the market to help you pick the right tent to take your camping adventures to the next level.

1. Alvantor

Alvantor screen house

Alvantor is on top of our list because it is among the most lightweight options available (15 pounds). Besides the light factor, this option also features a pop-up design that offers quick installation convenience. You can set it up within minutes and start enjoying your camping adventures.

One of the significant disadvantages of this option is that it is not waterproof. The majority of modern screen houses can withstand a moderate amount of rainfall. However, this model will quickly succumb to any rain, and you will have to use a natural shelter to protect yourself. This is why this option is not ideal for areas with unpredictable weather conditions, and it is only suitable for mild climates.

This screen house is ideal for setting up camps on beaches or in your backyard as it will easily keep the flies out and let you interact with the surrounding environment without obstructing your view. Alvantor is designed to blend into the background and let you enjoy everything in your sight. However, this model is not waterproof, so you should not consider using it to shelter against rain or storm.

Another fantastic benefit of this model is that the entire frame is rust-resistant. It is made from top-notch fiberglass material, and it can easily withstand frequent usage over the years. Moreover, the top layer also offers an additional layer of protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays and can provide up to UPF 50+ protection at your fingertips. It can easily hold up to 14 or even 15 people at times. You can enjoy a 1-year limited warranty with this model and take it anywhere you want without any issues.


  • Lightest Option
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection
  • Rust-Proof Frame
  • Maximum Space
  • 1-Year Warranty


  • Not Waterproof
  • Poles May Bend at Times

2. Marmot Limestone

Marmot Limestone screenhouse

If you are looking for a durable and good-looking option for your adventures, this model is suitable. It comes in a wide range of beautiful colors, can blend into any environment, offer excellent protection against insects, and still hold up against harsh weather conditions. This truly is a fantastic option.

However, this tent is also known to exhibit a few drawbacks. Even though it’s advertised for up four people, some customers have reported the lack of ample space due to its compact dimensions. The edges around the corner take up a lot of space inside, and people feel crowded or stuffed during sleeping. In addition to this, the height of this camping tent is not ideal for tall people. Customers have reportedly complained about their heads bumping against the top layer of this tent.

Coming back to the advantages and highlight features of this fantastic model, you will be glad to know that it can easily hold heavy headlamps in the middle section. The entire frame is constructed to be durable, and you can also hang your backpacks and headlamps on the side poles or in the middle of the tent without worrying about bending the poles. Similarly, you can also claim a lifetime warranty against any defects you may find with your purchase.

The manufacturer also offers interior pockets that are creatively designed to accommodate all your gear and stuff to allow you more space for sleeping during the night. It has a free-standing design and two doors to allow maximum access points inside the tent. It can hold up to four people simultaneously and is ideal for three different seasons throughout the year. Lastly, the company uses 100% polyester fabric to ensure that the tent can easily withstand harsh weather conditions.


  • Powerful Construction
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Interior Pockets
  • Free-Standing Design
  • Powerful Against Different Seasons and Weather Condition
  • Weatherproof Seam-Taped Full-Coverage


  • Not Ample Space for Sleeping
  • Not Tall Enough for Some Customers

3. Nemo Victory

Nemo Victory screen tent

If you are currently looking for a free-standing and gorgeous screen house for your next adventure, Nemo Victory is here for you. This lightweight option supports top-notch materials, industrial aluminum poles, and a state-of-the-art free-standing design. This option has a unique construction style that relies on four study poles for maximum durability. The structure is designed to support itself against intense weather conditions.

As far as the drawbacks of this model are concerned, one of the significant issues that many customers have had to face was the swinging movement of the tent against strong winds. Even though the structure can easily support itself against a building tension, strong winds can still move it around quickly and offer an unpleasant experience for the campers. Moreover, you will also have to set up the tent by yourself and tackle more than half of the assembly on the campground. It takes a lot of time that you can spend watching the beautiful scenery around your camping area.

Some of the highlight features of this fantastic option include the completely vertical walls and a cabin-like structure. It offers ample headroom and floor space for the campers, and you can move around without any issues. The vertical zippers also allow you to quickly zip or unzip the door with a single hand, which is a convenient feature.

Similarly, the manufacturer paid particular attention to using high-quality aluminum poles and robust materials to construct this model. You will find a strong mesh on all the sides to block out insects or dirt while allowing ample ventilation and fresh air. There is also a duffel storage bag on the inside. So, you can stock up your gear and inventory on the inside without crowding your floor space. The waterproof roof also offers rain gutters and vents. Therefore, the tent can easily hold up against the rainfall without the roof collapsing inside.


  • Vertical Cabin-Like Structure
  • Powerful Materials
  • Quality Zippers for Convenience
  • Waterproof Roof with Gutters
  • Step Pad and Duffel Storage
  • Sun Shade and Protection
  • Ample Space and Legroom


  • Vertical Cabin-Like Structure
  • Powerful Materials
  • Quality Zippers for Convenience
  • Waterproof Roof with Gutters
  • Step Pad and Duffel Storage
  • Sun Shade and Protection
  • Ample Space and Legroom

4. Rapid Shelter

Rapid Shelter

Rapid Shelter offers a dual support system with poles on the inside and the outside. This canopy tent provides 100 square feet of floor space for the campers, and you can easily sleep inside with up to four people without any issues. The entire assembly process is simple, quick, and efficient, allowing the campers to set up the tent and enjoy the view quickly. This option is for you if you want to speed up the process and get to your adventures.

However, you should know that the materials used for the construction of this tent may not be as strong as some of the other options on the market. While this canopy tent offers excellent durability and endurance against multiple conditions, many customers have returned the screen house because of torn mesh walls and materials. This model is not ideal for harsh weather conditions like strong winds or use it for rocky regions.

One of the most notable aspects of using this model for your adventures is its adjustable heights. In particular, you can extend the size up to 11 feet with the help of external poles, which will allow you to enjoy maximum airflow inside the tent at night. Similarly, the design and construction can hold up to different heights without issues, and you can enjoy a spacious cabin-like environment without feeling too crowded.

This tent takes minutes to set it up, and you will only require two people to set it up properly. You will find push buttons on the poles to help you effortlessly set up the tent anywhere you want. Another fantastic benefit of this model is that the external poles allow you to withstand mild winds without any issues, and you will not even feel the tent move around at all. You can also use additional anchors to support the structure in specifically strong winds in regions.


  • Extendable Height
  • Added Strength with Additional Poles
  • Push Buttons for Easy Set-Up
  • Ample Space for Multi-Day Events


  • Weaker Fabrics
  • Not Good for Rocky Regions or Strong Winds
  • Heavy Transportation Bag

5. MSR Thru Hiker

MSR Thru Hiker screen tent

The amazing MSR Thru-Hiker is the ideal choice for your next camping trip if you are into traditional-looking triangular screen houses. This looks like an old-school tent but offers maximum protection against bugs and strong winds. Moreover, there are plenty of different color and pattern options according to your taste. The more ample floor space allows for privacy and spacious sleeping arrangements.

While this is a powerful option for various regions and weather conditions, the old-school design will still chip away at your headroom. You may find that the floor space is more than enough for your sleeping arrangements, but the triangular shape will make you feel crowded inside the tent. Similarly, you cannot easily hang up your bag or headlamp in the middle of the tent on the pole as it will come down due to extreme weight.

The versatile design of this canopy tent will continue to deliver maximum protection against annoying bugs and dirt from the outside. 

Similarly, the ultra-light fabric will allow you to quickly set it up and carry it around without any problems. This ultra-light micromesh fabric also offers maximum ventilation and airflow at all times. You can look outside and enjoy the beautiful view without feeling limited.

You will also find the “Xtreme Shield Floor” protection system to cover any mud or sharp objects underneath the tent. The fabric is also resistant to any abrasions or rips, and you can use it for ages to come. It is also compatible with other models from the company, and you can combine various models to set up a robust camping structure for more than ten people simultaneously.


  • Powerful Protection Against Mud or Ripping
  • Ultra-Light Micromesh Fabric
  • Compatible with Other Models
  • Ample Floor Space
  • Quick Set-Up Process
  • Lightweight


  • Not Enough Headroom
  • Weaker Middle Pole

6. Big Agnes

Big Agnes screen tent

As obvious from the name, the Big Agnes screen house is more than enough for all your camping needs. The tent offers enough space for moving around, sleeping, and standing up without crashing against the walls. The free-standing design coupled with the robust construction will provide an amazing option for different seasons and regions. This model is ideal for campers looking to have adventures in high winds and varying weather conditions.

On the other hand, some campers may find this screen tent too simple for their requirements. It offers a minimalistic design with a single-pole assembly process. Some campers like more room for their gear and headlamps and stay in a fancy modern structure. This model is as simple as they come. So, it doesn’t offer the fanciness of some of the other models on the market. It is designed for simplicity.

The simplicity may attract many audiences who enjoy the lack of troublesome features and complexities. One of the most impressive features of this model is that you will find breathable polyester mesh on all sides. This invites maximum ventilation and airflow and allows you to enjoy a good night’s sleep without feeling suffocated. Similarly, this model is also lightweight enough to let the campers carry it around in their backpack without any problems. On the other hand, it is strong enough to withstand high winds and rainfall without any hairstyles.

Since this model features a simple design, you will find a single door and simple Velcro tabs on the sides to open and close the door and pockets. Three interior pockets allow you to store smaller objects and gear on the side. You will find pre-cut lines ready for pitching the tent anywhere you want. The waterproof taped seams also ensure that the roof doesn’t collapse after heavy rainfall and continues to support the structure regardless.


  • Lightweight
  • Quick Set-Up Process
  • Ample Ventilation with Breathable Polyester Mesh
  • Enough Floor Space
  • Pre-Cut Poles for Pitching
  • Waterproof Taped Seams


  • Too Simple
  • Minimal Space for Gear
  • Single Door

7. REI Co-op

REI Co-op screen house

As the name suggests, this fantastic REI Co-op screen house is designed for maximum space, excellent features, spacious gear storage, and ample headroom for multiple campers simultaneously. With 100 square feet of floor space and a height of 7 feet, this canopy tent proves to be a fantastic addition to your future adventures. The model comes with a straight wall design to maximize the moving space further and offers an uncrowded environment.

It may not be powerful enough to withstand strong winds and complex regions as good as it sounds on paper. The fabric on the side and the top is powerful enough to withstand rainfall, but the structure will still move around against strong winds. Similarly, sharp objects can easily cut through the material used for the floor, and people have had to use duct tape to patch up any holes in the floor.

If you’re looking for a fancy and feature-rich screen house shelter, this is the right option. It is also among the lightest models on the market, and it weighs only 13 pounds. Therefore, you will have no trouble carrying it around in your backpack on the go. Inside the tent, you will find multiple pockets on all the sides to store your items and gear to maximize the floor space and reduce the clutter.

In addition to the spacious floor space, the pockets are highly efficient and helpful when assembling this tent in the middle of your camping space. You can set it up in no time, and it takes only two people to erect the tent and get started with the adventures. Moreover, the free-standing design further adds to the spaciousness of the model and can offer a cabin-life feel.


  • Color-Coded Side Clips
  • Clutter-Free Design
  • Quick Assembly
  • Lightweight
  • No-see-um Mesh Doors
  • Organizational Pockets


  • Weak Structure for Strong Winds
  • Inferior Pockets
  • Weak Material for the Floor

Expert Tips To Choose The Best Screen Houses

You can get cozy and watch the sunrise from the see-through mesh doors and sides of your tent. However, there are several essential factors that you must keep in mind before purchasing a canopy tent for your next adventure. Let’s explore these in detail and see how you can choose the best screen house in the market.

The Weight Factor

You need to pay attention to a chosen model’s portability and weight factor. People like to pack lightly for trips, and it wouldn’t make sense that your chosen model adds to the weight of your existing backpack and makes it harder for you to roam around the wilderness without issues. This is why you should go for lightweight options in the market and choose the one that suits your requirements without making your backpack an ordeal.

Some options offer fancy features, and however, they also add to the weight of the structure. On the other hand, more straightforward options may not provide a handful of features, but they are less critical. You need to weigh your requirements against the structure’s weight and choose accordingly. It is wise to choose a lighter option than a heavier one when camping in the wild. Therefore, you can easily carry it around in your bag anywhere.

The Set-Up Process

Next up, you also need to pay special attention to your chosen model’s assembly and set-up process. The more features your tent offers, the harder it will be for you to set it up in minutes. If your primary purpose in the wild is to enjoy nature and roam around, you should always go for an option that takes less than a few minutes to set it up. Similarly, you should also choose a model that requires one or two people to set it up as quickly as possible.

If you are going as part of a group, you will not need to worry about the set-up and assembly process of the tent. The reason behind this is that there will be other people with you to help you erect the structure and facilitate the process. On the other hand, if you only have a companion or two by your side, you should choose a model that takes lesser time to set up.

Some companies also offer pop-up frames that do not require any effort. You can also choose any of these models and press a button to set up the tent automatically within a matter of minutes. It will further take away your burden and that you enjoy nature as you intended.

The Height Factor

Back in the day, the traditional tents resembled a triangular shape that did not offer much height to the campers. The primary purpose of these options was to provide ample floor space and sleeping arrangements to the users. Nowadays, you may want to enjoy some time inside the model and may even want to hang a headlamp at night. It would help if you chose the model that offers ample height at your fingertips.

If you are above average height, you should not have to feel claustrophobic with a smaller model. Therefore, you need to choose a tent that allows a spacious headroom and height of more than 8 feet at your fingertips. This way, you can hang a light in the middle of the tent and still walk around the tent without any issues.

The Durability Aspect

Lastly, you need to consider the durability factor of the materials used in constructing the structure and the fabric around the frame. If you only want to camp out in your backyard or in a gentler climate, this may not be a crucial factor for you. However, suppose you want to explore the different areas with unpredictable weather conditions and temperatures. In that case, you will need to choose an option that offers maximum durability and endurance at your fingertips.

This is why you will need to look at the materials used in constructing the structure and the fabric used around the poles and the floor. This way, you will know that your tent can easily fight against any sharp objects in the wild and offer maximum performance for years to come. Moreover, you should also check for the manufacturer’s warranty to ensure that you can return the product if it fails to deliver the promised or breaks down after a few adventures.

What Is the Bottom Line Here?

Screen houses may offer the best possible solution if you are one for outdoor adventures and want no barriers between you and nature. I hope that the article guides you through choosing the best one that suits your requirements.

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