Terms Of Use

By operating our site Blast Tags, you agree to accept the terms and conditions of usage, a complete set of rules, the proper guidelines, and acknowledge that you will make accountable follow specific valid and lawful rules. However, if you do not accept the terms and provisions of overseeing this site, you are disallowed formally from operating the site. Consequently, all the products and things secured by the legislations of hallmarks and patents.

1.Use of License

Authorization is provided to clients for the time being to download only a copy of the products on the site. Moreover, consider this is a provision of a license, not a title exchange. For this license, you are unpermitted to:

  • Amend or change the products
  • Products should be used for business purposes or make it publish anywhere publicly
  • Try to translate the code used on the website or converse the plan
  • Abolish the patents or regulatory documentation from products
  • Transfer these products to any other or transform them or show what is don the servers.

Consequently, if you disobey any of the rules identified on the site, the license may be canceled by the Blast Tags website without any announcement. Besides, after forbidding the user’s approach to the products on this site, or upon cancellation of license, you must vanish and remove any stuff that has been still in your practicepractice.


The products on the site are “as is.” Blast Tags does not guarantee, either unexpressed or communicated and does not claim and revokes all that guarantees made earlier. It’s also not liable without any restriction, for a specific reason, non-infringement of IPs or any other breach of rights. Further, Blast Tags does not make any certainties related to the representation, precision, the assumed outcomes, or it depends on the use of products on the site or otherwise associated with the stuff.


Within no condition, Blast tags or any of its distributors are merely made answerable for destruction. (including those caused due to loss of sensitive information or business inconvenience), emerging out use or the non-usage of products on our site, even if we alerted to orally or in written form about possibilities of such damages appearing. Thus, due to the logic that few laws do not apply unexpressed guarantees or restrictions of obligations or any incidental or consequential destruction, these restrictions are imposed on you.


The products on the site are persuadable to scientific, photographic, or typographical mistakes. The Blast Tags site does not guarantee that any product on its site is precise, ongoing, or complete. Moreover, the site applies to adopt amendments to its website without issuing any announcement to its workers. Hence, we do not make any deal with upgrading the products.


Blast Tags is not liable for publishing any of the affiliations on its site, nor have we done so. We are unanswerable for the contents of the links reviewed on our site. The appearance of a link on our site does not mean our website is validated. The use of any website is at the personal choice and desperate hazard of a concerned user.

6.Terms of Use Amendments

We can amend the terms of use on our site at any time and without advance announcement. We do not make any warranties or dealings for sending advance announcements to our customers. By exploring our site, you admit to accepting the terms and conditions of Use.

7.Directing Law

The Region’s laws shall conduct any claim associated with the site without considering its disputes or conditions.