13 Ways to Get Rid of Marijuana Smell (Odor Removal Guide)

by | Last updated Mar 11, 2023

If you have ever been around the smell of weed or smoked it yourself, you will know it has an extremely strong smell. Most of the time it sticks to your clothes, your hair, fingers, and your furniture. There is nothing worse than having people over and seeing their scrunched-up noses when they walk into your house or when they go to hug you.

There is nothing wrong with having the occasional smoke, but maybe you have noticed some of your friends or family react badly to it? Maybe you haven’t told any of your family that you smoke and want to hide the smell?

Weed is illegal in most places, maybe you are in one of those areas, and you really do not want the wrong person to find out you smoke. Whatever the reason may be, I am sure you are looking for ways to get rid of the smell. Every stoner has their own way of hiding the smell, but not all of them work.

Ways to Get Rid of Marijuana Smell (Odor Removal Guide)

Let us go through a few different ways of possibly hiding the smell of marijuana if you are smoking or growing weed inside at home. You can pick whichever one suits you most..

1. Don’t Smoke it at All! Eat it Instead!

Have you heard of hash brownies? Not only can you make a nice little weed dessert, get high, and have the best time, but also you don’t have to damage your lungs in the process. You won’t have anything to worry about the smell, as there won’t be one….anywhere!

It is known that making special brownies actually gives you a stronger high than smoking a doobie would. The only downfall of this is that it takes a while to take effect. It is worth it though if you don’t want to deal with ashtrays, bongs, and the smell. The side effect here is that you are constantly eating sugary brownies which don’t help you if you have weight issues. Smoking also has side effects if you have lung issues, but I’m sure you know all about that already. You can check more details in our previous article about eating vs. smoking Marijuana.

Smoking weed actually lasts a shorter time in your system also, so after about an hour, you don’t feel as stoned anymore. When you eat the brownies, because the effect is much stronger, the impact of it can last between four to eight hours. Worth it if you ask me! It is a win-win, longer high and no smell to cover up!

2. Get Yourself Some Mason Jars

These jars are amazing for hiding the smell of weed. The size will depend on how much marijuana you actually plan on keeping in your house. The benefit of them is that they are airtight and keep the smell very much inside the jar. They are easy to hide anywhere in the house, but make sure you decorate the outside of the jar so as not to make it noticeable to what contents are inside.

Bags are horrible for storing weed. The minute you walk into the room, you can smell the stuff straight away, without even have lit anything. They are not airtight and therefore extremely unreliable.

3. Smoke Outside

Do not smoke inside for obvious reasons…the smell will take hours to leave the room, and no amount of open windows is going to fix that! So why not take your smoking outside? You can go for a walk or if you have a balcony or a garden, you can enjoy your smoke there also.

Going outside will help in keeping the strong smell outside of your home, this way you can hide it if you don’t want someone to know you smoke. Getting outside of the house also gives you a reason to go do some exercise and clear your head from a long day at work.

4. Use a Deodorant

Use the likes of Febreze or Ozium to get rid of the smell after smoking indoors. A lot of smokers swear by this, saying it works really well and gets rid of the strong stench. There are many variants of air freshener you can choose from, but these two are the best out there that actually get rid of the smell. Make sure to open a few windows to air out the smell for a few minutes and then use of the air fresheners to clean the air.

5. Use Scented Candles or Essential Oil

Lavender works really well in diminishing the smell of weed from the house. To use these oils or candles you need to make sure you have opened the windows to air out the room for a while before actually using one of these. Otherwise, the smells will mix and it won’t really get rid of the stench, but create an even worse stench.

Which is better though, the candle or essential oils? Well, the candle does give off a scent, but it actually does not get rid of the smell of marijuana. Depending on the candle, sometimes it doesn’t even cover up the smell at all. Be careful what you purchase.

In regard to incense or essential oils, not only do they help you relax and unwind, but they also give off quite a potent smell, depending on the type you got. Neither the candles nor incense are strong enough to cover a big night of smoking, but they can help minimise the effect of it. Make sure to air the room out first and then light these, it will help more this way.

6. Disposable Smoke Filters

You can actually make one of these at home. It involves you inhaling the marijuana smoke from a bong and then exhaling it into an airtight container, so as not to release the smoke into the house. All you need to make one of these is a paper towel roll, a sock and some dryer sheets.

This method may not be one of the most convenient as it is time-consuming to make one and probably takes the joy out of smoking since you need to keep exhaling into a paper towel roll. If you are desperate and have no other way of hiding the smoke, then this might be the best option for you.

7. Odour Resistance Bags

If you are travelling somewhere or just need good hiding baggy for your weed, then an odour resistance bag will do wonders for you. Similar to the mason jars, it is designed to keep any bad smells inside of it and not let them out.

8. Air Purifier

Air purifiers help a lot of people that issues with asthma and allergies. They clean the air and help people breathe better. They also help in getting rid of really bad odours out of the house. If you are a regular marijuana smoker, the air purifier will help in eliminating the smell from the room, but on top of this, you also must make sure you do regular cleaning and limit your intake of smoking.

9. Wash Yourself

If you have the time and hiding the smell is not a matter of urgency, then just take a shower, brush your teeth, and put on new clothes. Spray yourself with some nice perfume and you are good to go. Make sure you wash the clothes you were wearing straight away, as leaving them in the wash basket or laying in the corner of your room, can also cause a stench to develop.

If you are in a rush and you do not have the option of taking a shower, then always carry some mouthwash and chewing gum with you. Make sure to always wash your hands well with soap. Carrying some lavender hand moisturises may help also.
Invest in a Pipe…

Pipes are a good investment because when you smoke you take in less marijuana and hence create less smoke. These are much better than smoking a joint or a bong. If you are mixing the joint with cigarettes and weed, the cigarettes themselves cause enough smell to last a while, plus your fingers will turn yellow and smell horrible.

Even if you try to disguise this, the yellow stain never truly goes away if you are a frequent smoker. Pipes are better in the fact that they do not leave your fingers yellow, and you are not mixing the weed with cigarettes, which is also better for your health.

10. Vaping

When vaping marijuana, you are essentially inhaling heated oil. By no means is this better for your health than smoking, but it does not give off such a potent smell as smoking does. If you are looking to disguise the fact you smoke, then this would be a good option for you. It is hassle-free as you do not need to roll joints or set up bongs.

11. Smoke in the Bathroom

Bathrooms have ventilators and get rid of bad smells, as you know! So, smoking in the bathroom actually eliminates the smell quite quickly without anyone knowing you smoke. Open a window and smoke as much as you want.

If you put on a hot shower, the steam helps with eliminating the smell of marijuana as it absorbs it. With the steam and the vents, you should be good to go and not need to worry about smelling up the whole house. If you take a shower after smoking, you are also killing the smell from your hair and body.

12. Vinegar

Vinegar is known to kill horrible smells if you start using it for cleaning purposes. If you have been smoking in the house, just start cleaning afterwards with vinegar. You will notice the smell will be killed off quite quickly!

13. Wet Towel Under Door

This may not be the most convenient way of hiding the fact that you smoke, but it does help in keeping the smell of the smoke inside your room. It will not escape out to the rest of the house. In saying this, you will also need to keep a window open and use an air freshener, so that if someone walks into your room, they will not suspect you have been smoking.

What Option Are You Going to Try?

As you can see, there are more than enough ways to conceal the fact that you smoke. You can try anything from cleaning with vinegar, using an air freshener, cleaning yourself, burning some incense, using an air purifier, using a pipe, hiding your stash in a mason jar, only smoking outside, and much more. The list is endless to what you could try.

The best option would be to invest in some mason jars, as this will keep the smell of the marijuana in the jar, and you don’t have to worry about your bedroom or living room stinking all the time. When you are smoking, try to do it on the balcony or outside. If you must do it inside, make sure to open a window and use an air freshener or burn some incense.

When trying to get the smell out of your clothes, hair, and hands, just have a shower, put on some perfume, wash your hands, moisturise, use a mouthwash or buy some strong minty chewing gum. The best option is always to not smoke as you are doing a lot of damage to your lungs and health, but if you must, then above are some of the greatest ways you can disguise that you smoke and no one will suspect a thing.

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