10 Best Militray Grade CBRN Gas Masks Reviewed (2024)

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The year 2023 is ongoing, bringing one disaster after the next, starting with the war in Ukraine, which forced Russia to make its nuclear weapons ready for use. A triple danger to your health and safety exists due to the worldwide epidemic, ongoing civil instability, and the deadliest wildfires in existence. Preppers aren’t the only ones who can appreciate having a gas mask in this day and era. A CBRN gas mask can save your life by protecting your lungs from soot, viruses, and harmful gases in all these instances.

10 Best Militray Grade CBRN Gas Masks Reviewed (2024)

Our team of experts reviewed the best military gas masks for chemical warfare, tactical operations, biological wars, law enforcement and survival.

1. M50


The Avon M50 is the current U.S military gas mask’s first choice and the best on the market with no competitor. The US Military and the DOD use it as their standardized operational toxic, biological, nuclear, and radiation shielding cover. You will enjoy how comfortable it is to use and how easy it is to walk around while donning it.

Avan M50 is a CBRN military mask and a key component of specialized combat training. The double filter allows users to inhale better and more comfortably, which will help to accomplish jobs near your face more easily. M50 comes with a full-face CBRN filters design to give the max protection possible.

The Avon protective equipment is well-known for its high adaptability and durability. The M50 design will allow you to modify the helmet strap and enjoy a great deal of convenience in it. They give a white section in the filtration systems that turns blue when the filtration is outdated or polluted, which is also a positive development in this arrangement. You can enjoy good solutions for many attachments with the Avon M50 respirator, making it more helpful and handy for consumers. The design ensures that you may clean it without difficulty. You can watch below the Avon M50 gas mask in action used in military training inside a tear gas chamber.


  • Adaptability
  • Proprietary Filters
  • Maximum Compatibility
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Dual Filtration


  • Filters may not be easily available
  • Straps come lose after frequent usage

2. SGE 400/3

SGE 4003

SGE 400/3 is yet another powerful option that meets CBRN requirements and acts as a full-face respirator for consumers. This is a CBRN gas mask, first and foremost. This model was previously known as the SGE 400/3. Unfortunately, engineers discovered that the polymer facial sealing was not immune to some substances.

This SGE 400/3 by Mestel Safety contains features that some other variants lack, including three filter apertures (for 40mm NATO filtration) and a drinking mechanism. Another appealing advantage is the ability to see in all directions. The glass is composed of tough polycarbonate and has been proven to withstand a one-inch metal ball hitting it at 335 mph without causing serious harm. The model incorporates a humidity coping mechanism to keep the visor from fogging up in the circumstances used for lengthy periods.

The demand for gas masks has increased due to the Corona pandemic and the threat of a nuclear war. Buying a new professional model like M50 or SGE 400 is impossible at our time because all professional protective equipment companies like Avon, Mestel Safety, and Drager only supply government contractors. Except for Mira Safety which still sells its products to individuals, it’s the best option to buy a new CBRN gas mask online; even shipping takes weeks. However, you can hunt for a used military gas mask on eBay or preppers’ Facebook groups.

The use of a clear polycarbonate shield and a very contoured face liner for improved user satisfaction is further notable advancement. The integrated polycarbonate glass provides excellent vision, while the bellow form face seal offers unparalleled comfort. Every variant has an inner layer orinasal and a quick-release headpiece with six elastic straps.

The shield does not fog up because of the regulated ventilation. The design was also heat resistant, and it won’t catch flames or melt when exposed to temperatures of 800 degrees Celsius for 5 seconds or 200 degrees Celsius for six minutes. The polycarbonate lens of the SGE-400/3 versions has a unique resin treatment that offers enhanced scratching and corrosion protection. This holistic solution is the best option due to its low cost, convenience, and maintainability.


  • Butyl Rubber Face Seal
  • Maximum Heat Resistance
  • Resin Treatment for Corrosion Resistance
  • Affordable
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Contoured Face Liner
  • Shock Resistance


  • Not Always Comfortable
  • Nasal Cups Missing
  • Fogging Issues

3. M40

Avon M40

If you are looking for a flexible option with a modern respirator, M40 is ideal for you. The M40 has a compact design and weighs under three pounds. You might then take this with you everywhere you go, allowing you to escape air pollution. When going to polluted cities globally, you do not have to carry quite so many pounds in your suitcase, and you may get this model. It can assist you in avoiding secondhand smoke and allowing you to move freely to any location you like if you suffer from allergies. The model used to breed quite well and had very few problems.

Do you wish to get a mask at a reasonable price? As a result, you can test the m40 within your pricing range. It is made using superior equipment, and the material is scratch-resistant. It has a warrior appearance, and it is ideal for army personnel. You may choose the finest choice, and the model has many features that can assist you in keeping a clear view.

Are you seeking the greatest model that is made of a long-lasting substance? You may now obtain the M40, which is constructed of rubber. As a result, rubber gaskets are used in this cover, which may assist you in avoiding overall pollutants. It can quickly block air pollutants, allowing you to inhale and breathe clean. This solution may prevent total gases, which also includes corrective lenses. The length has been crafted to be more adjustable, and it may easily accommodate everybody.

It produces excellent outcomes and allows you to get rid of dirty air quality. The M40 comes with a sipping pipe and closures to keep you safe from harmful fumes. It is among the absolute highest masks available and provides rapid effects. You may inhale easily in contaminated areas. It has the most up-to-date respiratory equipment to assist you in avoiding any contaminants. The lens is made of the most recent and durable lens technology, allowing for a clear vision.


  • Certified CBRN Respirator Mask
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Durable Rubber Synthetic Material
  • No Requirement for Batteries
  • Superb Technology for Blocking Polluted Gases


  • Sealing Stops Working After Frequent Usage
  • Complex Filtration Process

4. Dräger M2000

Dräger M2000

Apart from the cool name, the Drager M2000 offers amazing respiratory qualities and top-notch safety features at your fingertips. Two teardrop-shaped ocular glasses with unique notches for specific missions are included with the M2000. Green butyl elastomer is used to make the facepiece. This facepiece is vastly greater than the M65 covers, and it is exceptionally smooth and comfy on the skin.

A strong plastic substance makes up the voicemitter/exhale valve lid. The exhale valve is on the base of the facepiece, and the voice matter is above the filtration. Voicemitter does better project the person’s sound than the other alternatives. A decontamination/first-aid package is also included with the M2000. Toxic burn cream, synthetic paper, plugs, alcohol swabs, and a cleansing wipe inside a folding plastic bag.

You may wear the M2000 in just under nine seconds in just about all instances, and it provides security from biochemical nerve agents, as well as toxic chemicals when combined with the F2000 filter. Clip-on eyeglasses can give better security from hot flashes and laser beams.

THANKS TO AN EXTREMELY EASY AND PLEASANT CLOTH HEAD CUSHION; the M2000 delivers excellent convenience even when worn for more than 24 hours. Fumigation of the eyeglasses and frames is avoided because of the improved air circulation channel. Liquids are evacuated via the exhaling vent with the help of an opening in the chin pouch. Liquids may be consumed at any moment, thanks to the built-in sipping pipe.

All standard helmets and popular over-garments are compatible with the M2000. The incorporated voice diaphragm provides clear transmission even while communicating over the radio. Due to the off-center and tilting filtering, scopes and other sensor arrays can also be deployed and operated. You may use the mask with CamelBak and other traditional drink methods with the help of an adaptor.


  • Two Teardrop-Shaped Eye Lenses for Maximum Spatial Awareness
  • Flexible Green Butyl Rubber Material
  • Powerful Voice Emitter
  • Multiple Variants
  • Drinking Stem
  • Nasal Cup


  • Crowded Interior Design
  • Faulty First-Aid Pouch

5. MIRA Safety CM-7M

Mira Safety CM-7M with CBRN filters NBC-77

The MIRA Safety CM-7M is a modern high-tech gas mask, truly battle-ready and high-quality option at entry-level rates. This model combines attractive benefits with excellent quality absolute mil-spec dependability and is designed to fulfill the Czech military’s high specifications under strict control. Now Mira Safety is based in Austin, Texas; their gas mask models are certified and deployed by the U.S. Department of Defense and several Nato members like Turkey. Also, it’s used in the war zone now by the Ukraine military to fight the Russian army.

Mira Safety military partners

These models include some of those same characteristics as MIRA’s CM-6M, such as an incorporated hydrating method that functions with regular Camelbak setups, a speaking synthesizer, twin filter apertures, and tough Bromobutyl manufacturing. EN 136 (Class 3) and EN 148-1 fulfill European specifications. The CM-7M is a full-face mask with NATO filtration modules of differing degrees of resistance.

The cover comprises a Bromobutyl silicone completely immune to almost any type of pollutant, along with all known toxins, chemical products, and radioactive material contamination. It also has a high resistance to microbial contaminants, such as airborne viruses routinely used as weapons. If used in combination with proper filtration or a piece of respiratory equipment, the CM-7M is the ideal toxic, chemical, radioactive, and nuclear (CBRN) protection system. Click here to check Mira Safety NBC-77 Sof 40mm CBRN filters who come with a 20 years shelf life.

Mira Safety NBC-77 CBRN filter

The most noticeable distinction is that this option provides wide coverage in narrower, goggle-style layouts. This arrangement keeps most of the functional line of sight of the panorama gas mask design while also improving spatial awareness and effectiveness with a broad range of lenses, notably military rifles and night vision goggles. This tactical model is built to survive long-term use in all sorts of environments starting by protecting yourself from tear gas up to survive nuclear fallout.

The interior cover has a pleasant hypoallergenic structure that decreases co2 concentration in the helmet and controls absorbed ventilation to minimize condensation for all-day convenience. The CM-7M combat optics are designed to be compatible with a wide range of optical equipment while giving an adequate view. Compared to the existing widescreen visor, the two-lens arrangement improves visual acuity, making it excellent for use with rifle iron sights or in battle.


  • Maximum Visual Acuity
  • Battle Ready Option
  • Drinking Stem
  • Speech Transmitter
  • Compliant with EN 136 (Class 3) and EN 148-1
  • Bromobutyl Silicone Material
  • Free U.S. Shipping
  • Huge discounts on CBRN kits
  • 5 years warranty


  • No Panoramic Visor
  • Minimal Differences with CM-6M

6. MSA Millennium

MSA Millennium NIOSH approved gas mask

Since its certification in 2004, the MSA Millennium has been a widely used CBRN respirator mask, having taken the initiative to be CBRN authorized by the NIOSH regulatory. The Millennium is made by MSA Safety, a prominent company producing gas masks and respirators since 1914. It has many features that a long-wear variant should have, including convenience, a nasal cushion to prevent internal condensation, an integrated hydration mechanism, and a speech transmitter. The helmet also has a butyl-coated nylon cover for the entire protective headgear in CBRN situations.

This gas mask by MSA has been validated by NIOSH and becomes one of the best choices for safely filtering contaminants in CBRN conditions. With a broad visual field via a polyurethane frame, a silicone facepiece, and the possibility to alter which side the filtering rests on for various purposes, the instrument has the characteristics of a high-quality modern mask.

The MSA Millennium is a modern gas mask with retractable glass that allows for a broader field of vision. MSA Millennium has a permeation-resistant design as well as built-in speech diaphragms. It also has a customized, proper grip and can quickly turn on and off, making it one of the best gas masks used by law enforcement for riot control.

The option has a one-piece cover and interchangeable filtration openings that allow customers to shoot a gun cheek-welded from either part of the face without the filtration causing problems. It is intended for the army, enforcement, and the first response application. It also comes with many attachments that increase operational versatility and enable particular user demands to be accommodated.


  • Butyl-Coated Nylon Cover
  • Permeation-Resistant Design
  • Interchangeable Filtration
  • Easy On/Off Button
  • Speech Diaphragms
  • NIOSH Approved CBRN Mask
  • Integrated Hydration Mechanism


  • One-Piece Cover Only
  • Minimum Shock Resistance

7. BEM-4GP


BEM-4GP is yet another exciting option for survivalists. The BEM-4GP is a full-face variant with an adjustable 40 mm filtration aperture (NATO STANAG) that can be turned 90° to the opposite side and has an optimum setting. Plastics and silicone are used to make the masks. A huge pan sight glass is included in the helmet. A plastic cushion is included in the helmet to help the user’s speech sound better.

The mask has a huge panorama glass and a nostril cavity. A plastic membrane is also included in the mask to improve the user’s speech. A six-point helmet restraint with elastic straps is used. The masks were introduced in the 1990s to substitute obsolete M51s, but they were quickly superseded with FM12s. This gas mask is intended for first rescuers and guards from chemical weapons and nerve gas, among other contaminants.

Filtration system receptacles may be positioned on either side of the model for simplicity through 40-Millimeter connectors. The silicone head harness has a six-part tension band that attaches it to your skull. This mask is NIOSH-approved and contains a speech mouthpiece.


  • Adaptable 40mm NATO Filtration Mechanism
  • Panoramic Sight
  • Plastic Cushion for Comfort
  • Nasal Cup for Anti-Fogging
  • Six-Point Adjustable Straps
  • NIOSH Approved


  • No Longer in Use
  • Outdated Masks in Market

8. Forsheda F2 A4

Forsheda F2

The Swedish Forsheda F2 A4 gas mask is among the most powerful and safe options available to users right now. It has been thoroughly vetted, NBS-rated, and designed with weapons tech and incredibly simple consumer capabilities. These full-face gas masks safeguard the nose, pupils, and visceral organs.

Among the advantages are anti-fogging technology, a larger field of view, and a solitary rope with a buckle mechanism that you can customize. Organic, microbial, and radiological threats, such as particulates, germs, pathogens, and chemical and organic vapors, are prevented by this product. The model also fulfills the NBC standard of NATO.

This facial protector is made for people who deal with chemicals and other potentially hazardous materials. It’s also useful for insecticide defense, science lab usage, arson control systems, healthcare and pandemic control, and environment management.

Double filtration chambers and shock-resistant glass are included with CZ Forsheda F2 A4. The cover is non-toxic components and is interoperable with 3M canisters. The high-density elasticated bands on the helmet also provide an insulating effect and a secure fit in any situation.


  • Anti-Fogging Technology
  • NATO Compliant
  • 3M Canisters
  • High-Density Straps
  • Insulating Effect
  • Larger FOV
  • Dual Filtration Mechanism


  • Outdated Mask Technology
  • Lack of Drinking Tubes

9. Israeli M15

Israeli M15

Isreal’s security agencies have employed the M15 NBC gas mask for generations. It was built to resist a calamity on NBC with 40mm NATO sensors are used, and each one lasts around eight hours after being removed from the ceiling and attached to the helmet. The triangle optics are constructed of impact-resistant acrylic and use a framing mounting mechanism to accommodate corrective lenses. The M15 is modeled on the M65 family from Germany.

It has an incorporated vocal diaphragmatic and a lateral speech transmitter so you can converse on the phone successfully. It also has a feeding pipe connection to link a straw, which adds convenience. The frame and nasal chamber are made from soft silicone and are extremely versatile, with five elastic straps that link to a helmet headband.

The army standard M15 comes in four distinct variants, all NBC certified. The M15-A30 variant is the M15’s simplest and most primitive form. Due to its adaptability, this model has no speech transmitter or feeding mechanism and is employed by police departments and crime prevention in various scenarios.

The M15-A1 is identical to the A30; however, it comes with a sipping pipe in polluted environments. The M15-A1T is a basic military headgear with a lateral transmitter and a feeding pipe for telephone conversation. Finally, IDF tank personnel employ the M15-S80 type, which features a built-in transmitter, a rubber gasket respiration tube, and a lateral speech transmitter similar to the A1.


  • Threaded 40mm NATO Sensors
  • Multiple Variants
  • Enhanced Speed Transmitter
  • Corrective Lenses
  • Nasal Cup
  • Feeding Chamber


  • Basic Variants Offer Minimal Features.
  • Rubber Gasket May Give Out.

10. Polish MP5

Polish MP5

Bioweapon warfare substances can be harmful to the skin, pupils, and circulatory system, and Polish MP5 can help without any issues. The option is intended for use with an FP-5 filter (NATO equivalent threading), but it may also be employed with other NATO acceptable threaded filtration. It comes with a heavy-duty fabric carry case with several compartments, and two nylon webbing harnesses with MOLLE clipping loops.

One of the greatest pieces of protective equipment you can buy is the Polish Military MP5 respirator mask. It sports a flexible polymer faceplate and accepts conventional 40mm threading filtration in unworn form. It also comes with an upper nostril container and a feeding line. One of the greatest pieces of protective equipment you can buy is the Polish Military MP5 respirator mask. It sports a flexible polymer faceplate and accepts conventional 40mm threading filtration in unworn form.


  • Friendly budget option
  • Wonderful backpack with many mounting bands, two zipper pouches, and a sealing filtration.


  • Faulty Drinking Tube
  • Heavy On The Skin

How to Choose the Right Gas Mask for Yourself?

When it concerns pollutants and particulate matter in carpentry, various choices are available, ranging from half-face protective equipment to temporary helmets. Here are the topmost important factors that can help you choose the right option for yourself.

The Purpose

It is entirely up to people wearing the breathing mask to utilize it. You could deal with acrylics, chemicals, and toxic trash daily, or you might be a “first responder” worried about breathing deadly airborne substances. The objective will determine how you will choose the right gas mask that you need.

how to choose the best gas mask

Suppose you want to use your protective mask to inhale clean air in the case of a nuclear attack or to keep your ventilation system disinfected when you’re in an area where there’s a known outbreak like a fatal illness or virus. In that case, you should consider a CBRN or NBC respirator, as they both support atomic and biochemical incidents, situations, and cases.

The Duration of Use

When purchasing a protective CBRN gas mask, it’s crucial to think about how long you’ll be using it. If you’re prepared for a nuclear strike, you must think about getting a model that you can use for an extended period. However, it should be recalled that the primary purpose of wearing a gas mask is to get to a clean and sterilized location. If you’ll be wearing the product for an extended amount of time, it’s a good idea to choose one with a feeding connection so you can use a plastic tube to keep your hydration levels up.

The Right Seal

The sealing that a protection mask creates on the skin is the most crucial feature. If the hThe sealing that a protection mask creates on the skin is crucial. If the helmet can’t cover, it won’t be able to generate a new air condition in which you can inhale unpolluted air. While the models are primarily capable of producing this barrier, the user must guarantee that any hair that may prevent the helmet from generating a rubber ring around the area has been eliminated.

The Filters

The typical filtration on many of these respirators is a one-size-fits-all solution, and the NATO 40mm filtration is a popular choice. Even though most models use the NATO 40mm filtration, you must always verify the kind of filtration required before purchase. The Avon M50 utilizes its own filtration and is the only one of our suggestions that does not utilize the NATO 40mm filtration. These purifiers for the M50 are easy to find online.

The Affordability Factor

Since there are so many options, you will have no trouble finding one that suits your requirements. There are top-notch army variants in the suggested selections in the bigger budget of $200-$350. Higher-quality options are more expensive since they are more efficient, ergonomic, have a wider field of view, and have more features. If you’re running shy of cash, you can find a model that offers basic features per your requirements.

best CBRN military gas masks

What Do We Have to Say?

Choosing the finest gas mask is a type that performs as expected throughout its designated application and protects you. One choice that may be suitable for one individual or application may not be ideal for the other. With that in consideration, the preceding reviews should assist you in identifying and pinpointing the perfect option for you.

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